Who? Hi! I’m Kathy Sheehan, author of the ‘Sparky and Shady’ series of books for kids, big kids and parents. My background is in primary school education and my specialty is behaviour management.

What? I empower kids to be self-aware and I teach parents what I taught kids so families can be happy, loving and connected.

Why? I believe in kids! I believe each child on earth has a unique purpose to fulfil and that when they understand who they are, why they are here and how their body, personality, feelings and thoughts all work together they are empowered to cope with problems, believe in themselves, follow their dreams and make the difference they were born to make.

How? I run ‘fun’ and inspiring holiday workshops and after school classes for kids. I also have holiday workshops for parents and I am available for follow-up one-on-one appointments with kids, parents and families.

What’s the alternative? Currently Australian statistics state that in a class of 30 kids:

  • 3 will be affected by anxiety
  • 7 will be victims of bullying and
  • 6 will develop depression.

That’s more than half the class! With your support we can empower our kids! Are you with me?

NB Kathy has a current ‘Working with Children Check’ and is eligible and qualified to teach children aged 5 – 18.

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