Sparky and Shady

Hi! I’m Kathy Sheehan and I help kids UNDERSTAND themselves so they can:

  • COPE with life
  • BELIEVE in themselves and
  • FOLLOW their dreams!

Currently Australian statistics state that in a class of 30 kids:

  • 3 will be affected by anxiety
  • 7 will be victims of bullying and
  • 6 will develop depression.

That’s more than half the class! Many of our kids and teenagers are lost because they don’t know:

  • WHO they are (they are unique human beings with a body, thoughts and feelings)
  • HOW they work (their body, thoughts and feelings all work together) and
  • WHY they are here (they are here to be themselves and fulfil a unique purpose!)

I teach the who, how and why using the analogy of life being a journey that your kid gets to drive on. You and I can help them but we can’t drive for them! Are you in?

NB Kathy has a current ‘Working with Children Check’ and is eligible and qualified to teach children aged 5 – 18.

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